Tips for Getting Your Outdoor Area Ready for the Spring Season

Spring is an excellent time of year to get your outdoor area ready for the coming season. One way you can do this is by making sure that your home’s exterior looks clean and tidy. Here are some tips on how you can do just that:

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Tip #1 Change the water in your birdbath

Once the temperatures rise in the spring, birds will be more active, and they will need fresh water to drink. Make sure to change your birdbath water before this time of year! If you do not want to dump out the old water, then make the switch to clean the bath with some soap and water. This simple task can help keep your backyard from being a haven for mosquitoes.

Tip #2 Re-surface your patio furniture with a fresh coat of paint

When the weather starts to warm up, you may feel more inclined to move outdoors and have a BBQ or relax on your porch. Ensure that your patio furniture is all primed and ready for use by re-surfacing it with a fresh coat of paint.

You should also consider getting a turf installation to match the other greenery growing. This will add a nice pop of color and can also serve as an excellent spot for people to sit while you are barbecuing.

Tip #3 Remove the snow from your porch and steps

If you’ve had a particularly long winter, then this task is for you! You can clear all the¬†accumulated snow on your front porch and steps using a broom or snow shovel. Doing so will help keep you and your loved ones safe for this spring.

However, if you live in a place where it snows year-round, make sure to build up this area with sand and salt to help prevent the ice from refreezing into a slippery slope. If necessary, invest in a shovel to keep that area clear during the winter months.

Tip #4 Clean up your garden and flowerbeds

Once you can safely get outside, it’s time to start taking care of your garden and flowerbeds. If you have not done so already, this is the time to pull out any weed that may have sprouted while you could not take care of your outdoor area.

Hose down your flowerbeds and other areas planted with flowers so that you can get them ready for planting. This will also help get rid of the leftover salt from the winter that may have made its way into your flowerbeds.

Tip #5 Get ready for summer with a new lawnmower

Spring is an excellent time of year to pick out a new lawnmower. If you have been doing some research, then you may already know how to choose the best lawnmower for your yard. If not, then you can use this time of year to get educated before the grass starts to grow out of control.

Also, spring is a great time to do lawn repairs, so if you think your lawn needs some love, then you should consider doing that as well. This way, your lawn will be a lush, green haven for you to enjoy throughout the spring and summer.

Tip #6 Clear out any overgrown plants or bushes

Remove any dead leaves from trees, bushes, and other vegetation around your home’s exterior. Doing so will help expose any pesky critters that may take up residence there. Plus, you will have a clean and shiny-looking exterior once you are done!

Clearing out the overgrowth will make it easier for you to maintain the plants that are still alive and well. If you think that any of your plants may not survive the spring, then this is the time to remove them and replace them with new ones.

Tip #7 Fix up your home’s doors and windows if they are drafty

Everyone wants to save money on their utility bills, so if there is a draft coming in through your doors or windows, then you will want to fix them before the temperature starts to rise. If you cannot afford to replace your doors and windows, then at least try investing in some weather strips to help stop the draft from coming in, so you do not have to turn up the heat as high.

Tip #8 Use this time to do an extensive cleaning

When winter is over, you can use this time to take care of those chores and minor repairs that you put off during the long winter months. Clean your gutters and downspouts, clean out your garage or basement and do any other cleaning that you may not have had time for during the busy winter months.

Spring is a time for renewal and new beginnings, so it’s essential to prepare your outdoor area before the spring kicks in. The tips outlined here should help you get started with preparing your home for this upcoming season!

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