Retirement and Making the Most of the Golden Years

Retirement marks the beginning of every person’s Golden Years. People who had busy schedules may have difficulty adjusting to the retired lifestyle.

As a result, many retirees may start grieving their lost work or productivity. It is normal and will pass with time. Once they have accepted their situation, they will still have so much time and little to do. To stop oneself from going stir-crazy, retirees should take up hobbies suited for seniorhood. The hobbies not only ease boredom but offer plenty of other benefits as well.


Seniors who are unsure about what they wish to pursue should try their hand at gardening. Doing so allows them to feel the powerful effect of nature on humans, which is amplified when one works closely with the outdoors.

It’s easy to get started, too. There are plenty of garden centers in areas like Cottage Grove, MN. They have access to different seeds and saplings that you can use. Not only that, but the staff can also offer gardening advice to those who seek it.

Those who take their time in cultivating their gardens will find themselves experiencing the many benefits that gardening brings.

  • Increased Mobility – Human bodies get stiffer with old age since we engage in less physical activities. With gardening, seniors get more opportunity to move around, resulting in a constant movement of their muscles. Aside from this, this hobby can also improve blood circulation and enhance balance and muscle control.
  • Improved Moods – The ministrations of working with nature can be considered as moderate aerobic exercise, which is known to produce happy hormones. Higher levels of serotonin and dopamine will result in lower stress levels and more carefree days.
  • Better Health – Seniors who regularly garden have lower health risks. They have lesser chances of experiencing heart attacks or strokes, as a study in Stockholm has found. The brain also benefits from gardening, considering the responsibility of tending to gardens simulate the mind and keeps it alert.
  • Food – Seniors who cultivate their gardens can yield crops from select plants. With easy access to vegetables, they can eat healthier meals that cost less.

Arts and Crafts


Seniors who are in touch with their creative sides can make arts and crafts as a hobby. It is an excellent form of self-expression and can be cathartic for the troubled mind.

Much like gardening, making arts and crafts is also accessible for beginners. One only needs to buy the materials from online shops or local craft stores before they can reap the benefits that this hobby brings.

  • Busy Hands and Minds – As mentioned above, arts and crafts can be cathartic. Doing either gives seniors the outlet they need to communicate their feelings better. At the same time, their body benefits too since there’s increased mobility in the hand movements involved in creating art. Not only that, but their hand-eye coordination can also be enhanced.
  • Profit – Craft businesses are booming, and seniors can dip their fingers into it by crafting their products. While many are financially sound as retirees, it doesn’t hurt to have a bit more money to spend on themselves.
  • Sense of Community – A gateway to making art is an art class, which is usually held in community centers. By choosing this hobby, seniors have better chances of interacting with others and forging bonds.

Seniors are encouraged to try out different hobbies until they find the one that suits their taste. Having something to do in their Golden Years will likely result in a happier life.

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