How You Can Prepare Your Furry Best Friend to Visit the Vet

After a long day from work and school, our pets help us de-stress the moment we reach the doors of our home. However, loving our pets is more than just feeding and playing with them; it’s also caring about their health. Fortunately, veterinary clinics are usually available in almost any city in the country. If we love our pets, we’ll do everything in our power to keep them healthy and in good condition.

Just like us, there are several conditions that we don’t know about since we can’t feel and sense it. Most of the time, once a condition will start exhibiting symptoms, that’s the time that we usually go to a medical practitioner. In the same sense, most pet owners don’t take their pets to the vet until they know that there is something wrong. In most cases, when a pet has been exhibiting serious symptoms, the condition might already be severe. It’s always a good idea to go to the vet at least once in a year for an annual checkup. If you want to remember your pet’s checkup, ask the vet to give you a veterinary reminder postcard so you won’t forget the date.


Usually, our pets are quite emotional, and if they are not comfortable with something, they will exhibit signs of anxiety. As such, it’s important to prepare our pets emotionally for the vet. The last thing that we want is our pet getting stressed out with the whole process and throwing tantrums. So what are some ways of preparing your pet for the vet?

Bring Them a Leash Or Crate

Firstly, keeping your furry friends restrained with a leash will help keep it secure. If your pets become restless when you get to the vet, you can always use a crate to manage their anxiety.

When you’re just at home and playing with your dogs or cats, train them to stay in their cage or crate by placing it in plain sight. In most cases, the only time that crates are used is when you’ll have to bring them to the vet so they might associate it with going there.

Distract Your Pets

Let your dog have a bit of fun right before going to the vet. Do they love going to for a bit of a walk? Do they get excited when you drive somewhere? Get them in a calm mood first before going to the vet. Since dogs are reliant on their sense of smell, you can also spray your car with a scent that will help them calm down. Additionally, bringing some of their favourite toys will mean that they have something to expect right after the visit.

Bring Them On An Empty Stomach

We can’t deny that our dogs love treats. The best way to get the most out of your treats for them is by bringing them to the vet when they’re also craving for treats. This a guaranteed to get your dog’s obedience. If your dog doesn’t seem to cooperate with a diagnostic or procedure, rewarding them with a treat will keep them calm and composed.

Right after a visit to the vet, feeding your dog or cat is the best way to show your love and appreciation for them. Instead of feeding your dog right before the visit, doing it right after will yield better results in behaviour. Psychologically, your dog will associate going to the vet as a way of getting treats which means that they will be less nervous in future visits.

Plan Things Out With The Vet

plan with your vet

Right before going to the vet with your pets, it’s recommended that you go to the vet to provide much-needed information. It’s also paramount to bring any papers your pets have; this will help your veterinarian get a good glimpse of their overall health.

Setting a schedule that’s early in the morning will help get your pet settled in a more docile state. Plus, this will give you much-needed time to fill out any paperwork regarding your pet.

There will be times that emergencies will occur at home. Whether your dog has eaten something poisonous, allergic reactions, parasites, or a severe condition in more extreme cases. As such, it’s good to build up a professional relationship with your veterinarian.

Stay Calm

Lastly, you also need to stay calm and not get too anxious about your dog. Remember that your dog looks up to you, and they are also able to sense your energy. If they see that you’re also worried for them, they might also get worried as well. When you are more positive as you play with your dog day can definitely set the tone right.

Dogs get restless at the mere sight of other dogs being in crates and unfamiliar places, so it’s always rational to prepare them emotionally beforehand. Oftentimes, you can be with your dog when he/she’s at the vet which can help alleviate their restlessness. After a trip to the vet, giving them a well-earned treat will definitely get them back in the mood to play again!

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