Creating an Outdoor Space that You Love

Having a backyard on your property is a blessing that not everyone can afford. Since you chose this type of house, you should decide whether to take advantage of such space you have or just let it display without proper maintenance. No matter the size of your yard, it’s more worth it if that space is maintained. It reflects partly on who you are as a person and homeowner.

Building an outdoor living room

This can be pricey, but it doesn’t have to be extravagant. If you want something grand, take your time to think about and plan everything before you proceed. You can build it little by little until you finally get satisfaction and comfort.

There are many options to choose what kind of outdoor living room you want to be built. You have a simple patio that stays connected to the house itself, or a deck, which you can separate from the house. You can put up a fence and install a deck gate. Be sure that the furniture you buy is weatherproof that can withstand any season.

Once you have established your living room, you can create a cozy vibe by putting up decorative lighting. Perhaps a ceiling fan and an outdoor fireplace can make it more livable and inviting.

Extending your kitchen

While it can be a more expensive choice, an outdoor kitchen can make your life easier. If you have an outdoor kitchen, you wouldn’t have to worry about ventilation. There are lower chances of fire accidents in outdoor kitchens than indoors. It’s a lot more spacious and breathable.

You want to keep it as close to your indoor kitchen as possible so transferring ingredients, tools, and dish ware won’t be difficult. Be aware that it takes a little more money to make up the plumbing system and the gas line when you decide to set up a sink outdoors.

In your outdoor kitchen, you can also set up a seating area where people can gather and have a meal together. When you have guests over, you can have a cocktail party or a barbecue dinner party. This way, you won’t be isolated from your friends and family even while you prepare the food.

Perhaps an outdoor bar.

If you think building an outdoor kitchen is too much, you can just set an outdoor bar where you can either have coffee or mix cocktails, especially if you have guests often. This way, you’re going to be saving so much space and money. Plus, if you’re happy with your indoor kitchen, it makes little sense to extend it to the outdoor. Creating something you don’t yet have can be a perfect choice as well.

outdoor bar

Creating a pet-friendly yard

If you have pets, spending time and effort to make their lives happier can be a great thing you can do. For a pet-friendly yard, you don’t need expensive plants. You may have to get rid of them anyway because many types of plants are hazardous for your pets.

If you mind that your lawn can be ruined, you can ditch real grass and replace it with grass alternatives, like mulch, fake grass, or stones. With the dirt gone, you also diminished the chance of spreading it inside your house.

Add a water feature where your pets can drink the water. You can build a playground, which includes obstacles and a doggy path where they can run around. With a doggy playground, not only can they have on their own, but it can also exercise their minds and learn about boundaries, wherein it guides them until where they’re allowed to run.

Starting a vegetable garden

Moving on to the not-so-expensive outdoor living. Planting a vegetable garden can be the easiest thing you can do, especially if you have little outdoor space. If you have even smaller outdoor space, consider container or vertical gardening. If you have a big enough space, you can also place a seating area near your garden. Although, be careful if you have any pets roaming around because some vegetables are poisonous or unhealthy for them, such as onions, garlic, and chives.

Keeping it simple

Not all homeowners who have the outdoors feel the need to fill this space. Sometimes, the best choice is to keep it simple. It’s not just about increasing value, especially if you’re not even planning on selling your house. With green, healthy grass and some hardscaping and lighting for the pathways. Maybe a simple and low-maintenance landscape. If you want, you can still put up a seating area where you can have your afternoon coffee or drink your cocktails at nighttime.

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