Best Outdoor Home Features You Can Add

If you could have the best outdoor features that you could dream of for your home, what would they be? Outdoor improvements provide added value to your home, so if ever you decide to sell it in the future, you can recoup part of your costs. More than that, however, think of what you would enjoy most while living in your home. Here are some of the finest ideas for you to consider.

Professional Services

Before embarking on any outdoor improvements, you must have professional help. Designing what works best with your lifestyle, complements the style of your home, and fits your space needs expertise and experience.

You also need professionals to work on the project, whether building a structure, digging a pool, or laying out a landscape. Afterward, you need professionals to maintain these.

In an ideal situation, you can find a professional outdoor construction and landscaping service that can do all these. Working with one company simplifies everything because you will be on the same page on how everything should come together. The designs of different features will complement each other. Communication will also be easy because you are only talking to one company. Finally, you save on costs if they do everything.

Outdoor Living

Homeowners these days want to extend their living spaces to the outside to enjoy the fresh air day and night. With the Covid-19 pandemic, people do not want to stay cooped up inside.

Popular outdoor projects are roofed patios with outdoor living room furniture. The finest examples have insulated roofs to keep the area cool, even in summer. They also have outdoor fireplaces to warm the patio in the colder months.

Some people extend the roofed patio to include a bar and a fully functional outdoor kitchen to further complete outdoor living. This includes a refrigerator, of course, and not just a stove but also an oven. Some people even install a separate brick oven just for pizza.

If there’s a kitchen, then there must be outdoor dining room furniture, as well, to complete the experience. Now you have everything you need for true outdoor living. Who would want to stay indoors except to sleep?

Water Features

What else would best complement your outdoor living space but a pool? It’s just the thing to jump into from your outdoor living room lounge.

There’s some controversy about how a pool adds value to the home. Some say it can detract from a home’s attractiveness to buyers or add only a bit more value.

Experts clarified that pools will not be attractive only in areas where the climate is cold most of the year. Also, a pool that lacks maintenance will only highlight how difficult it would be to maintain it for the prospective buyer. On the other hand, a well-maintained and inviting pool with additional features will be sought.

Pools today can have so much more than traditional styles. You can add a transparent roof with UV protection so you can stay out all day and still enjoy the sky without endangering your skin. You can incorporate a spa with hot water and water jets in one pool corner. You can add a waterfall feature surrounded by plants for a tropical look. You can also have a safety barrier for toddlers and pets designed to blend with the overall look.



Your outdoor living space and pool will look their best if surrounded by complementary landscaping. Surrounding your home in greenery and colorful flowers gives you a private sanctuary in nature.

A 2021 study published in Frontiers in Public Health highlights the therapeutic benefits of a home landscape on mental health, especially during the pandemic. The authors suggest ensuring biodiversity in the plants to be included in the landscape.

Sports Feature

Adding an outdoor sports feature to the home is also an option that will significantly benefit the family’s physical and mental well-being.

Depending on the family’s interests, this can be a basketball court or a tennis court. Suppose there is not enough room for a full court. In that case, a half-court for walling can also provide opportunities for regular exercise. Some people may prefer an outdoor climbing wall or a series of hanging and climbing bars that adults and children can enjoy. This can even be made to look sculptural.

Maximize Your Home’s Potential

Whether it’s adding a roofed patio with outdoor furniture or extending the roofed patio to include a bar and kitchen, there are plenty of options for you to create the perfect outdoor living space. Pools and landscaping can also be added to complete the look. And don’t forget about including a sports feature for even more family fun. Maximize your home’s potential with all these so you can live each day in your own version of paradise.

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