Shelties for Adoption

The following dogs are shelties, sheltie mixes, and non-shelties currently available for adoption.

Prior to meeting any of the dogs in our rescue program, you must submit an adoption application. This will help us learn more about you, your lifestyle, and what kind of dog would be the best match for your family. If you are interested in a specific dog, please note its name on your application.

Angel is a female sheltie who is 13 years old, who acts quite young for her age. Angel is swift on her feet and she loves to run and play! Angel is in need of a furever home!
Rock-It is a male sheltie who is 13 years old. Rock-It is a special, gentle sheltie who loves one-on-one attention who is in need of a furever home!
Posted on behalf of Dogs XL Rescue
Egon is about 7-10 years old, 35 lbs, and has been treated for heartworm. He is now a few months past treatment. He had to be shaved due to extreme mats and has a bit of a silly haircut. He had one isolated seizure but full bloodwork was done, which was fine. He has been more than 6 weeks without another episode. He also had some fatty tumors analyzed again, nothing of concern. He is still playful. He is dog-, cat-, and kid-friendly. His vision is fine, but he shows some signs of partial hearing loss. He loves couches and sleeping. See his adoption profile and contact with any questions.